Welcome to Clay the Patriot! As strange as it sounds, I don’t really mean being a patriot in the country and that I post some legit political stuff. However, I’m taking pride in posting an informative blog that could help you in your DIY just the American way!

So for a short introduction, I’m Clayton Beale. As said, I am a patriot who loves doing plumbing repairs and sharing home improvement tips. If you are looking for the perfect resources, I am here to lend you my “expertise” on this side. Well, I’m not really an expert but I am well knowledgeable on a lot of areas.

I will try to share more tips on plumbing repairs and installations, as well as some home improvement tricks that you may find handy. Also, if you are looking for some services, then I could refer you to ones that I have found to be reliable and efficient to do this kind of job.

You also wouldn’t want to miss some remodeling ideas that I will be posting once in a while. We’ll take your home styling one step at a time, and I’ll be there to help! Just don’t hesitate to speak with me and I’ll be glad to offer a hand. :)