Septic Tank Cleaning in Washington DC

It takes lots of knowledge, skills, and guts to pump a septic tank. If we were to be asked, we would always recommend having it fixed by a licensed Washington DC service tech for you to save on time, money and effort. After all, septic tank cleaning in Washington DC or any place for that matter is ONLY for professionals. It is a highly specialized job and only professional plumbers are allowed to perform the job.

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An improper handling of the septic tank could pose so many dangers and it is physically demanding. Anyone who works on septic tanks exposes himself to highly toxic materials and gases therefore they need to have the proper skills and training to handle hazardous materials.

These are only some reasons why septic tank cleaning in Washington DC is regulated.

It is the government’s responsibility to ensure that companies offering this kind of service has well-trained technicians capable of performing safety procedures in handling toxic materials and running their equipment. This is for their personal protection and everyone around them, the environment included.

Consider these important things when working on a septic tank:

  • Open septic containers carefully. These containers are filled with toxic gases including hydrogen sulphide and methane, they are both toxic and could cause suffocation, explosion and worse, death. These containers also houses decomposing materials which are extremely harmful in one way or another, a reason why it is a must to wear safety gears during the operation.
  • Watch the temperature and pressure gauges closely during siphoning. The temperature and pressure of these gases could build up during transfer from the septic tank to the mobile container, this is why it is a requirement for operators to closely monitor the gauges to avoid any untoward incidents.
  • Hazardous gases are highly flammable. A small spark could cause explosion to the tank, this is why all fires of any kind should be strictly prohibited.

Let it be known that the septic system is a complex structure and should only be handled by professional Washington DC plumbers. Call the experts at Plumbers 911 to keep your septic tanks clean and family safe.