8 Easy Ways to Get a Home Makeover

I’ve been thinking of a few ways to make our home look better.  I absolutely don’t want to splurge on a remodeling job, so I was thinking of a few ways to “upgrade” the look without burning a hole in my pocket.

Here are a few tips I’ve tried that gave us that “fresh” look for our home:

1. We changed our bedding.  We bought a new comforter, got a livelier color, and added some throw pillows with new cases.  Instant look for our bedroom!

2. We got new blinds.  We swapped our curtains for blinds for a different look.  My wife liked the wooden blinds we got, and it gave us a modern yet homey feel.

Photo Credit: http://www.corphousing.org/

Photo Credit: http://www.corphousing.org/

3. We changed our lights.  Have you ever gotten tired of entering a room that isn’t well lit?  What vibe do you get? Well, when I changed the bulbs (and got new LED ones), MAN! What a makeover!

4. We added plants. Okay, so this was my wife’s idea. We placed a pot on the living room coffee table, and also at the dining room.  It does give a “pop” of color.

5.We upgraded our rug. Yes, we got a bigger one, to make the area look “wider” as well. I got one that was Instagram worthy for my wife, since she loves taking “shoe-fies” of her new heels.

6. We DE-STACKED our shelves. Yes, we removed the clutter. We left out bits and pieces, and different vases.   Less is indeed more.

7. We placed a mirror in the living room.  The mirror (which was tastefully chosen) gave the illusion of a bigger area.

8. We did some major re-arranging! Yes – we (together with the kids) sorted out stuff we don’t need.  We will have a garage sale soon and the kids are really looking forward to it!

Overall – we’ve done a great job with SUPER minimal expenses. My wife and I are leaning towards painting the house soon – on our own, once we get some time off from work.  However, I’m really happy we took the first step and our home looks cleaner than ever!

Send me photos of YOUR home makeover please – love to see them!