Septic Tank Repairs in Miami FL? Read This Post For My Recommendation!

how-a-septic-tank-worksA BIIIGG shout out to the Plumbers 911 Miami team for their good work!! I have nothing but raves about their prompt service and reasonable rates!   They helped us get rid of our blocked drains, thank you once again! You’ve saved us big $$$ on further damage and repairs!

Are Your Drains Backing Up or Have an Odor?

Then you need to hire a professional Miami plumberThe problem could just be your tank may need pumping out due to overflow. There could be more serious issues of clogs and locating them takes an experienced plumber. The first place to start is with a phone call to your local plumbing tech like Plumbers 911. They understand this can be a very unpleasant experience which needs their immediate service.

Their  truck will arrive at your home equipped and ready to fix all your septic concerns and get your home back to running normally again. With their well trained and experience plumbing techs, you will get quick and efficient service.


septic-tankNever try to fix a septic issue yourself, as there could be health issues involved when dealing with sewage. Making mistakes at the early stage of septic problems can make a simple easy fix turn into a big expensive mess. Save money and time by calling the professionals right away.

How Much Will it Cost to Clean my Septic Tank?

The cost when cleaning septic tanks depends greatly on the size of your tank and the type of system. The national average can range from a hundred to a couple hundred dollars. If your system is maintained on a regular basis by an experienced licensed company will definitely help keep this cost down. Keeping your system in great working condition will alleviate most emergency calls and major issues in the future. Proper maintenance will also make your system last longer. Your septic system is not something you should be replacing often, some homes will consider upgrades when necessary.

septic-tank-installationSome other costs you may run into when having your tank pumped and cleaned would be filters or the replacement of some parts. Having your system pumped clean allows for a better visual view of the walls and possible repairs. On the rare occasion there may be a need for a process fracturing the soil, which can be a lot more expensive than just a normal pumping and cleaning of your system.

For immediate repairs and quotes, call Plumbers 911 at (954) 468-0512 today. Thanks, guys! :)

Learn the proper way to care for your septic system! Watch this video.

The Kansas Residents’ Plumbing Guide – The Best Method to Naturally Unclog Your Drain

My first post will be featuring the best methods I’ve used for clearing my drains (really!) These may sound LAME (I know) but it’s worth sharing!


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Did you know that drain cleaners contain sodium hydroxide, also found in chlorine bleach?  Aside from its fumes causing nausea and burning your skin, these can also damage pipes due to their corrosive properties.  So, what is the most recommended method to unclog your drain naturally?

Many residents have sworn using household products – Yes, the trusty baking soda, vinegar plus hot water or borax /washing soda with sodium carbonate + water.  Each of these can be used to clear your clogs sans the use of chemicals!  But which one is the BEST? You be the judge!


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Candidate #1 – The Magical Baking Soda and Vinegar – Get half a cup of baking soda, one cup of vinegar and one gallon of hot water ready. Pour baking soda into your drainage.  Follow through with half the amount of vinegar, then cover.  After a few minutes, pour in the remaining vinegar that you have and allow the solution to site for about ten to fifteen minutes.  Finish it up by pouring in the gallon of hot water.

Candidate #2 – The Amazing Cream of Tartar Mix– This is an earth friendly method that involves using cream of tartar mixed with baking soda (again) and salt. The mixture is sprinkled down into the drain and washed by boiling water, left to sit for an hour. Voila!


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Candidate #3 – The Trusty Borax and Boil – Heat some water in a pot. Once ready, throw in some Borax down the drain, followed by the boiling water.  Allow to sit for an hour, then run it with cool water after.

Which one is the winner?

If nothing worked for you, then you may have a more serious problem.  Don’t wait (like I did) for problems to get worse. Call in a licensed Kansas City professional to help.

Are you having issues with your bathtub drain, too? Watch this video from This Old House to learn awesome tips!

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